Creative Thinking Skills: What is It and How to Develop It?

![Creative thinking.jpg]( Creative thinking is a way of thinking that results in fresh discoveries that have never been done before. It is what you’ve probably heard as “think out of the box”. Many individuals believe that this talent is only required by a few people for particular tasks. In fact, this is a skill that everyone requires. Individual qualities may be developed via imaginative thinking that always relates to renewal. It is necessary for everyone, not just for those in the creative business. ## What is Creative Thinking? As it has been mentioned above, all professions require creative thinking skills. However, what is creative thinking? Simply said, if you are able to suggest unique ideas, you have used the concept of thinking in a creative way. The capacity to think creatively also speaks to your ability to evaluate a concept --how it may be expanded to something new and more helpful. It does sound similar to innovative thinking, but they are actually different. The term "innovative" refers to the formation of a new innovation or something that has never occurred before. However, these two ways of thinking are both original. Meaning, it has never been done before by anyone else. ## Types of Creative Thinking There are several types of activities that can be considered as thinking creatively. They are: **Problem-solving** As a worker, you will undoubtedly confront a variety of unexpected challenges. As a result, organizations frequently need their employees to discover inventive and effective solutions, also known as problem solving abilities. **Analysis** With precise analytical abilities, we can identify a gap of something that has never been thought before, meaning analyzing activities help us to generate a new idea. Therefore, this activity is also considered as thinking creatively. **Communication** Being able to communicate effectively is also a component of thinking creatively. Why? Because effective communicators can typically read the circumstance and the listener's characteristics. As a result, the intended message may be fully comprehended. **Creative Writing** Creative writing is also a part of thinking creatively. Why? Creative writing here meaning your writing is easy to read and understand no matter how heavy or hard the topic is. It can engage the people who read it. **Open-mindedness** Open-mindedness is a form of thinking creatively. It will assist you in coming up with new and unique ideas. ## Benefits of Creative Thinking Why is creative thinking important? Thinking creatively is needed everywhere, especially at work. This way of thinking can benefit both parties, the company and individual as well. ### When Faced with a Problem, be Calm Having a skill of thinking creatively will help you think clearly. So when there are some issues or problems, you can deal with them calmly since you know the right solution. ### Lead to Successful Fresh ideas may help your business grow, such as thinking creatively about products, services, marketing, and so on. Creative individuals also tend to be able to answer or solve any problems. ### Boost Optimism and Motivation Thinking creatively can boost your optimism by believing that there is no such thing as a dead end. When it doesn't work the first time, you'll be driven to look for different answers to the difficulties that arise. People that think like this are usually happier and don't see everything as a burden. ### Excellent at Showing Respect for Others Creative individuals will seek the feedback from people to develop existing ideas. Thus, individuals who think creatively will normally find it simpler to respect each other’s opinions. ## Example of Creative Thinking Here are some examples of thinking creatively in everyday life that you may have previously done. **Creativity in solving problems** - Submit ideas to improve service quality - Submit ideas to solve conflicts occured - Analyze and cut unnecessary expenses **Creativity in STEM marketing strategy** - Designing various social media according to the target user - Designing inventions related to technology such as artificial intelligence - Delivering new ways to increase promotions and customers **Creativity in visual side** - Designing a product, logo or packaging - Design promotional posters according to the event - Designing an outfit ## How to be More Creative in Thinking? Here are some steps to make you become more creative in thinking. **Make a Commitment** Thinking creatively entails dedication. If you are motivated and want to change, you can. Set your goals and attempt to think imaginatively as if it were a must. **Be Optimist** Thinking creatively is a source of hope. Even if you haven't been recognized, remain hopeful that one day your innovative solutions will be valuable to a large number of people. **Dare to Experiment with New Things** Attempting new things is an example of thinking creatively. Don't stop yourself from doing new things. When you are exposed to new habits, your brain will practice and learn. **Productive Work** Thinking in a creative way is beneficial. Begin with a constructive style of working to become acclimated to thinking creatively. For instance, writing, sketching, gathering ideas, and so on. **Continue to Try** Thinking in a creative way is not a sign of hopelessness. If you fail, try again and again. Typically, one innovative concept that you come up with will lead to other great ideas. **Create Connections with Creative Individuals** Developing relationships with creative people is a good approach to think creatively. Their habits may impact your way of thinking. Thinking in a creative way is a skill that can be learned and improved. As a result, everyone may become more creative if they practice and use it on a regular basis. Come and visit Clockster to find more interesting articles.