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HR-system to manage employees work time

Simple and easy to use time tracking application for your employees.

We help to automate your business routines and save your time.

Automate routine HR processes

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Time tracking system with mobile app

Ensure the transparency of attendance of your team using newest technologies and simple UI

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Create and manage your schedules

Building complex work schedules for each of the employees or entire departments, taking into account all vacations, sick leaves and time off

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Detailed reports and attendance analytics

Complete summary of attendance, including work schedules, time off, sick leave, late arrivals and overtime

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Employee requests management

Ability to send requests for vacation, advance payment or sick leave through the mobile application

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Integration with turnstiles and electromagnetic locks

Clockster-X - Combines Access Control / Management (ACS) and HRM (Human Resource Management) using facial recognition technology


The monthly price includes:

  • Schedules management
  • Detailed reports
  • Leave requests
  • Time attendance
  • Technical support
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Choose the amount of employees

  • 5
  • 10
  • 30
  • 100
  • 200
  • 300
  • 500
  • 1000
5 /month

Choose a suitable pricing plan for you based on the number of employees in your company.

We do not charge you until the end of the trial period.

Free trial period is 7 days.

Prices are for online payment

Tablet with face recognition Optional

Employees clock in special biometric tablet with face recognition.

Designed for a large flow of people (up to 5000 people). Average recognition speed is less than 1 second. The modern anti-spoofing technology will not allow you to deceive the device with a picture or video.

Detailed reports and attendance analyticsDetailed reports and attendance analyticsDetailed reports and attendance analyticsTablet with face recognition
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Clockster X - access control system for employees for large enterprises

  • Integration with any turnstile or magnetic lock
  • Face detection less than a second (with or without mask)
  • Access to the admin panel from anywhere in the world
  • Measurement of employee body temperature (optional)

Detailed reports and attendance analytics


Clockster is universal and can be easily applied in wide variety of businesses

...and many more happy clients