HR-system to manage employees work time

Simple and easy-to-use time and attendance application for your employees.

We help to automate your business routines and save your time.

Time and Attendance

Manage time and attendance with the Clockster system using the features below.

Clock-in/out using the mobile app with geo-fencing

Attendance reminders, so your employees won't forget to clock-in/out

Integration with various Face recognition biometric devices

Employees can send a request to create attendance records, in case they forget to clock-in/out

Shift Management

Create complex and flexible schedules for one day or an entire period, and for single or multiple employees.

It can be work schedule, free schedule, sick leave, days off, vacation, business trips, etc.

Employees always can check their schedule for current day or any month or even change it via schedule requests.

Business communication

Automate business communication between managers and employees inside your company via feed and leave management.

Employees can send requests for work schedule changes, leave requests (sick leave, vacation, intermittent leave, etc.).

Managers can share posts with employees, notifying them via mobile app. All users can communicate within those posts.

All those items are available for users to interact using feed updated in real-time.

statistics page illustration one

Statistics and Analytics

Check statistics and analytics with dashboard, charts, and reports in both web app and mobile app.

The dashboard shows which employees are late, on time, absent, on leave for current days.

Check the profile of any employee to see their detailed statistical information.

Generate and download attendance reports with all needed data for specific periods.

Payroll (Alpha)

Managers can calculate payroll for employees with features below:

Create a salary for each employee and save a history of changes.

Set rates for overtime, holidays, late time, etc.

Create adjustments, like bonuses, fines, taxes, allowances, etc.

zkteco device

Horus E1

hf securite device

(HF Security)

sebury device


Biometric hardware integration

Face recognition within less than a second (with or without mask)

Anti Spoofing (photo and video)

Integration with any turnstile or electromagnetic lock

Measurement of person temperature (optional)


Clockster is universal and can be easily applied in a wide variety of businesses

...and many more happy clients